Le Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux

Close up of number 232 on bedroom door of the Bordeaux Grand Hotel

Home from home.


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Standing proudly opposite the Opéra National on Bordeaux’s Place de La Comédie, Le Grand Hôtel is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

The hotel’s evolution through over 200 years of history provides a wealth of different experiences under one roof. From the Michelin starred ‘Le Pressoir d’Argent’ restaurant by Gordon Ramsay, to the Roman-styled spa with mosaic pool and the youthful rooftop bar, there are secrets hidden in every corner.

Girl set at restaurant table at Le Pressoir d'Argent holding glass of red wine looking out of window


For InterContinental’s 10-year anniversary, we celebrated how a stay at the Grand Hotel offers the finest of all Bordeaux, while also making guests feel right at home.

Girl from behind sat by poolside at Le Grand Hotel spa

The film

10 years Bordeaux's most magical secret.

Girl standing on walkway across interior courtyard from afarFront façade of Bordeaux Grand Hotel Place de la Comedie

A discovery that never ends.


View down onto a spiral staircase in a luxury hotelTop shot of girl lying on towels having a shoulder massage in spaPortrait of girl drinking herbal tea in Orangerie tea roomPortrait of sommelier decanting bottle of wine by candlelightClose up of vintage globe viewed from belowView from below onto chandelier in golden lightDressed table at brasserie Gordon RamsayGirl standing on walkway leaning over barrier touching hair

Christmas with Laurent Perrier Rosé.


Bottle of Laurent Perrier rosé and two glasses on table surrounded by christmas lightsClose up of bottle of Laurent Perrier rosé on glass table with reflections of christmas lightsClose up of man pouring bottle of Laurent Perrier roséLaurent Perrier rosé christmas tree in entrance of Bordeaux Grand Hotel


From the streets of bordeaux, to the ancient baths of rome.

View from above of man filming girl surfacing in swimming poolView from behind of man filming patisserie chef preparing dessert
Backstage photo of man filming doorman helping girl getting out of a car in front of Bordeaux Grand Theatre